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The Law Office deals with the aforesaid legal cases even if they include a foreign element..
The clients can dicuss their problems with members of the Law Office in presence of a sworn translator..
 Civil Law
 Commercial Law
Transfers of real estates, disputes resulting from obligations, inheritance, protection of personal rights, property rights, damages to health, title to registered trade mark, housing law, restitutions, ....
Incorporating, dissolution and liquidation of business companies and cooperatives, amendments of entries in the Register of Companies, unfair competition, commercial obligations, ....
 Criminal Law
 Labour Law
Representing clients in criminal proceedings based on Power of Attorney or ex-offo
Labour contracts, notice of dismissal and other acts relating to employment, filing petitions to the Law Court, .....
 Administrative Law
 Constitutional Law
Permit of residence for foreigners in Czechia, C administrative delicts, undertaking of legal business at Trade Licence Office, Revenue Authority, Lands Registry, and other authorities, administrative justice
Complaint against a breech of the law
 Family Law
 Acquis Communautaire
Divorces, settling the estate by the entirety, relations of parents and children, alimony.
Filing petitions to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Contacts to the European institutions - e.g. European Parliament, European Ombudsman, European Commission, actions before the European Court of Justice ...

 Translations  Real estate agency AKC Real.
The Law Office also offers translations from/in English, French and German executed by sworn translators and service of judicial interpreters.
In our activities, we closely co-operate with a real estate agency AKC Real. Since the agency has its premises in the same building, a high flexibility and comfort in satisfying the clients' wishes in the sphere of real estates is guaranteed.